NEW RELEASE Greasy Joe's & Other Stories

Those were her last words 'wish me luck!'
What happened to Jessie the day she left Greasy Joe's?
Twelve dark or darkly funny contemporary short stories.
Spend time with each, very individual character as they narrate their story.
Discover their jealousies, loves, delusions, dreams, crimes and acts of kindness.
Greasy Joe's.
Not Like Back Then.
Curriculum Vitae
Number Thirty-Four, The Ivy House
What They Don't Know
Henry The Eighth
I Didn't See Anything
Green Eye's
Jimmy and The Ferret
In My Dreams
Strangers On A Train

Three 5-star reviews on Amazon to date.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 25 April 2023
Short stories that drew me in and kept me engaged. Everyday life both strange and familiar observed through a range of diverse characters.
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's review
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Intrigued by the cover and title, I downloaded this new release.
Outstanding. I loved this collection of stories. Some are pretty dark, some sad and funny, though all have a strong vein of humour that brings the characters and stories to life.
The dialogue and narration running through each story are a joy.
There are twelve stories and it's hard to choose a favourite.
Greasy Joe's is sad, and Henry The Eighth is dark and also funny. I loved Jimmy and the Ferret and Ouagadougou was laugh-out-loud brilliant. Oh, and I have to add the final one, Strangers on a Train.
Each story left me wanting more and the book left me wanting a second collection from this author.
Different and original.

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April 2, 2023
This is a great collection of short stories.
The first story, Greasy Joe's, is the darkest.
What I enjoyed most of all was the humour, observation, and characters.
It's original.
A couple of stories didn't quite work for me, but out of twelve, overall, this is a book of stories well worth reading.

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