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In 2022 I set myself a challenge. I would write one short story a month.
Greasy Joe's and the eleven other stories in this book are a testament to that year of story writing,
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Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 25 April 2023
Short stories that drew me in and kept me engaged. Everyday life both strange and familiar observed through a range of diverse characters.

Those were her last words 'Wish me luck!'
What happened to Jessie the day she left Greasy Joe's?
Twelve dark or darkly funny contemporary short stories.
Spend time with each, very individual character as they narrate their story.
Discover their jealousies, loves, delusions, dreams, crimes and acts of kindness.
Greasy Joe's.
Not Like Back Then.
Curriculum Vitae
Number Thirty-Four, The Ivy House
What They Don't Know
Henry The Eighth
I Didn't See Anything
Green Eye's
Jimmy and The Ferret
In My Dreams
Strangers On A Train

Zeta May is a woman in her mid-twenties.
A traumatic accident dramatically shaped her early childhood, although the memory of that day eludes her.
Angie remembers everything and decides that the only way to help Zeta is by telling her the truth.
Will that truth help or send her on a path of personal destruction?
We meet Zeta as she stands watching from her bedroom window as a young family moves into the cottage next door.
Zeta feels an immediate resentment towards the new neighbours and instinctively doesn't like Ray, the father. Something about his whole demeanour makes her feel uneasy.
In this story, we travel with Zeta through a decade of her extraordinary life.
Lies & Revelations is a gripping and compelling novel looking at emotional extremes, moral dilemmas, love, deceit, and not-so-simple, twists of fate.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 14 September 2018
'Lies & Revelations' at first amused me, then shocked me, then sucked me in; eventually after getting over a few jolts, I found myself literally unable to leave the book alone until I had finished reading it. This work should be aired on the radio or at the very least be made available as an audiobook. 5 stars out of 5, possibly more.
Update: And now I'm reading the book again (moreish) and am enjoying the style and wit of the author, I just wish her work was better known and there was an audiobook of this and of her other works.

In Conversation With Gill Watkiss is a faithful and candid transcript of three separately recorded conversations with the artist during October and November 2019. 
The biography begins with Gill's experiences of growing up in Walthamstow, London, and her evacuation to the countryside during world war two.
The second conversation explores the series of events that led to Gill's move from London to Cornwall at the age of nineteen, the inspiration behind her work, and the emotional attachment she has to Cornwall and the West Penwith in particular.
The third and final recording focuses on Gill's thoughts on life in general.
This book has been devised to give the reader the impression of personally engaging with the artist.
Some paintings included in the book are from Gill's private collection and have not been previously exhibited.

How far would you go to find love?
Would you trek across the continent with a man you've just met?
Tiffany follows her heart and moves to Hungary, leaving family and familiarity behind.
When all lines of communication then fail, her siblings spring into action.
Will the rescue mission and planned intervention bring Tiffany home?
Did Tiffany need or want to be rescued?
It's not all about love. This is about family, friends, life and, yes... death.

The show must go on!
Or will it?
That's the question.
As lust, love, jealousy and ambition come into play, will everything be alright on the night, or will the final reviews report a different story?
So many unforeseen circumstances threaten success.
With a celebrity intervention, an aftershow party, and a charity auction, it's sure to be a memorable night... for better or worse.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 21 June 2016
sooo enjoyed the last two books really looking forward to starting this one. keep on writing!

Caterpillar Cat is a delightful and entertaining story about a stray cat and a little girl called Rose. 
Rose first sees Caterpillar Cat walking along the snowy rooftops outside her bedroom window. 
Caterpillar Cat is cold and lonely. 
What will Rose and her mum do to help, and how did Caterpillar Cat get her name?

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