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BOOKS Louise TW Lucas

Books by Louise TW Lucas to date.

Love doesn’t come easy, certainly not for Tiffany.
Internet dating is about to take her across uncharted waters
Familiarity will be left behind and borders crossed.
It’s all good gossip for the rest of the family, keen to share their doubts and concerns. Though blood is thicker than water and this family is thick.
When it looks like an intervention is on the cards, two family members swing into action.
This is a story that will take you to places you really didn’t expect to go.
Just when you think you’ve got the plot, you’ll realise you’ve lost it.

New Review December 2021

Well, I loved this funny little book.
The story is partly told through email exchange and the narration of the main character.
It works.
The story is fast-moving and becomes funnier as it gathers pace.
If you enjoy farce and observational comedy combined with the relatable eccentricity of human nature, I think you'll enjoy this novel.
I've just ordered the second book by the same author Showing Off and can't wait for it to arrive.
I have a long train journey coming up and if it's as good as the first, then it will be the ideal travelling companion.

It’s showtime, so who wants to show off?
Just about everyone.
This might be a small-town event, but it’s big on ambition.
Will Eva Pettigrew pull it off, or will her nemesis spoil the day?
Love is in the air and where there’s love there’s loss.
Who gets the man and who wants him anyway?
The big after-show party is an event in itself.
What about press coverage?
The local papers have plenty to print and it's not all pretty.
Bring it on!

Zeta May is a woman in her mid-twenties, trapped within the complexities of a troubled mind. 
A traumatic accident dramatically shaped her early childhood, and yet the memory of what happened that day eludes her.
Angie remembers everything and realises that, to help Zita, it's time, to tell the truth.
We meet Zeta as she stands watching from her bedroom window as a young family moves into the cottage next door.
Zeta feels an immediate resentment towards the new neighbours, and instinctively doesn't like Ray, the father.
Something in his whole demeanour makes her feel uneasy.
Is Zeta intuitive, or losing her tentative grip and reality?
Zeta is teetering on the edge of a world that, for her, is about to implode.In this story, narrated by Zeta, we travel with her through a decade in her extraordinary life.A decade that neither she nor you, the reader, could ever have predicted.
Lies & Revelations is a gripping and compelling novel looking at emotional extremes, moral dilemmas, love, deceit, and, the not so simple, twists of fate.

In Conversation With Gill Watkiss is a faithful and candid transcript of three separately recorded conversations with the artist during October and November 2019. 
The biography begins with Gill's experiences of growing up in Walthamstow, London, and her evacuation to the countryside during world war two.
The second conversation explores the series of events that led to Gill's move from London to Cornwall at the age of nineteen, the inspiration behind her work, and the emotional attachment she has to Cornwall and the West Penwith in particular.
The third and final recording focuses on Gill's thoughts on life in general.
This book has been devised to give the reader the impression of personally engaging with the artist.
Some paintings included in the book are from Gill's private collection and have not been previously exhibited.

Caterpillar Cat is a delightful and entertaining story about a stray cat and a little girl called Rose. 
Rose first sees Caterpillar Cat walking along the snowy rooftops outside her bedroom window. 
Caterpillar Cat is cold and lonely. 
What will Rose and her mum do to help, and how did Caterpillar Cat get her name?

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