Friday, January 1, 2021

Meet The Author: Louise TW Lucas


Architect, designer, and author of three novels (to date), as well as one children's book.
I was born in an old Cornish cottage in the rural parish of St. Levan where (I have been told), Dylan Thomas once lived for a year, prior to his marriage to Caitlin.
My parents then moved to Zennor, a remote coastal village in which D.H. Lawrence and his German wife, Frieda, had a cottage during world war I. At the time, and because of Frieda's background (she was related to the infamous Red Barron), the locals suspected them of spying.
What relevance the naming of these famous writers has in relation to my own story is, precisely... none whatsoever. They are simply interesting facts about two elite literary names I considered worth bandying about in this biography. I'm not saying that our closely shared geographical history has in any way enhanced my own literary talents. 
However, I'm sure both Dylan and Lawrence would have really enjoyed my novels had they lived long enough to read them.
Also, although Sons and Lovers is a fantastic novel, in my view, Lady Chatterley's Lover is over-rated and you'd be better off reading my second novel, Showing Off, as it's far funnier and really entertaining Link to Showing Off . 
If it hadn't been for all the fuss about Mellors covering Lady Chatterley's intimate areas in flowers and the bandying about of expletives, the novel might well have sunk into oblivion.
As for Dylan, his poems, especially that one about, not going gently into that good night, are all rather angst ridden and I'm sure if he'd just put aside some quality time to read Hungary for Love he'd have enjoyed a good chortle and felt the benefit of some much needed chill time.
Moving swiftly on... I was seven when the family, once again, up sticks and left Zennor to live in the mining village of St. Just, near Pendeen (Poldark country, to fans of the series, and well-paid extras work for those who lived nearby).
So, I spent a fairly idyllic childhood, and early adult years, walking the hauntingly beautiful coastal paths and relishing the long summer holidays spent swimming with my sisters in the man-made pool at Cape Cornwall cove.
By the time I left home and moved to St. Ives, at the age of seventeen, those innocent and happy years of childhood were well and truly over. 
My sister Sharon was killed in a car accident when she was seventeen (just over a month after my sixteenth birthday).
The nightmare of that event and the emotional growing pains we all go through, hit me hard. 
My early twenties were marred by a steep decline into depression and anorexia. 
I medicated by chain-smoking at least forty cigarettes a day and drinking dark rum with ginger ale.
The cigarettes, I gave up several years ago, and the appeal of getting blind drunk has diminished.
However, although I sometimes, unwittingly, re-visit that twenty-year old self, and feel the Earth shifting uneasily beneath my feet, the gift of two beautiful sons, a happy marriage, and great family, keep me afloat.
In my fairly recent novel, Lies & Revelations, some of my own personal struggles with mental health helped shape the narrative, although the main character, Zeta, took over as the story gathered pace, leaving me far behind.
That may sound pretentious, but it is true, I had no idea where she was going, or how the book would end.
She'd wake me up at three in the morning to reveal the next chapter.
Lies & Revelations
Hungary For Love is loosely based on a true story, which has been shored up with a fair amount of fiction, as is, Showing Off.
For twelve-years I ran a vintage clothing shop in Penzance, called, Kitts Couture, and held a total of five vintage fashion shows at local venues. The idea for Showing Off sprang from that experience.
My children's story, Caterpillar Cat, is based on the true story of Caterpillar Cat, a stray who has now moved in with me and my family.
Caterpillar Cat
In 2020 I published a book called, In Conversation with Gill Watkiss, a compilation of interviews and photographic illustrations of the artist's (my mother's) work.
Mum also features (fictionally), in my two first comic novels.
Now I'm working on a new book which should be ready for publication either late 2021 or early 2022.
At this stage the plot's top secret. All I can reveal is that I'm back writing comic fiction, and again, true events have helped shape the story.
They say that life is funnier than fiction... (no, I know, no one did), but Mark Twain did say, truth is stranger than fiction, and my novels are stranger than fiction, peppered with truths, and also quite funny.