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Journal DECEMBER 2021

December 29th

Here we go! The end of another year and the end of this journal as such.

In 2022 I shall attempt to write a short story for each and every month.

You might want to join me and make a similar pledge.


started out as a short story, then Zeta, the main character, took over.

Sounds pretentious, maybe, but it's true.

It's all about laying down some words and seeing where they take you.

For me, each chapter isn't carefully orchestrated before I wade in with the first draft. I work with the sketch of an idea and simply see where it takes me.

Unfortunately, you can end up writing chapter after chapter, then realise you really don't have a clue how to bring it all together for a good ending.

My first two books were based on a true story (the characters were plucked from members of my own family, but don't tell them that!), 

Should you be interested in reading either, or both, of these books, here are the links.

Hungary for Love Click Here

Showing Off Click Here

Hungary for Love was my first novel, Showing Off, the second.

I'd describe both stories as contemporary comic fiction.

The novel I'm working on right now will also fit neatly into that category.

However, I'm a third of the way through and still have no idea how it will end.

Lies & Revelations went off on a different tangent than the first two books, with the main character struggling to cope with heartbreak, mental illness and anorexia.

Yes, I have had all three.

My new book is also closely based on personal experience, but I'm aiming for laugh out loud funny.

As 2021 draws to a close, I look forward rather than back.

I don't make New Year resolutions (I gave up smoking about eight years ago, so that's been crossed off the list... if ever I had one).

However, I do resolve to spend more time writing.

This year has not been a good year for knuckling down and getting on with it.

My fibromyalgia has, for the moment, started to take a back seat and

I've discovered that eating a bowl of porridge first thing in the morning (instead of downing two cups of coffee and a chunk of Bournville chocolate) has helped reduce those mid-afternoon energy dips.

Although thin on the ground, or rather, on my head, the hair's not looking too bad.

I think the oil of primrose capsules have played some part in improving its volume and gloss.

My son's cornea transplant seems to be adhering, and there's just one last cataract operation to go.

I wish you all a fantastic 2022, full of inspiration and great success, and, most importantly, health and happiness.

Aurevoir for now.

I should be back with a short story by the end of January!

If you wish to contact me, the email is:-

December 14th

Well, it seems, to date, that the dying Red Admiral butterfly and cackling magpie were not massagers of imminent death after all... (see previous).
The magpie is still hanging around in case I feel like chucking another mouldy loaf of bread out of the window for the gulls, jackdaws and any small bird brave enough to join the big boys in the food fight.
I've looked into the likelihood of sighting a Red Admiral in the winter months (googled it) and no, this is not such a rare and unlikely happening after all.
A Red admiral butterfly even fluttered in with me through the door of a mobile phone repair shop the other day.
(Contrary to recent concerns, it seems the Red Amiral's are robust and abundant).
After making do with a battered old mobile with a broken screen for over a year, my son had no choice but to purchase a new one.
He had left the phone in the pocket of a rain-soaked coat after deciding to hurl himself out into the midst of the elemental chaos during a torrential downpour. M likes to go wild-running (no, not free-running) when it's stormy and the rain really smacks you, full-force, in the face.
I might have been able to save the phone by leaving it in a bag of rice for a few days (I've been told the rice absorbs the water, and the phone will usually spring back to life).
As the phone was a wreck anyway,  I suggested he splash out on another.
Both my sons are very frugal and hang on to everything until it is, well and truly, null and voided.
M did buy a new phone, then three minutes later, he dropped it, right outside the shop.
Now he has two phones with shattered screens.
Anyway, I went into the mobile repair shop to find out if a replacement screen might be a cheap and easy solution. It wasn't. This particular phone required a screen that cost nearly as much as the phone itself and, after repair costs, more.
What with one thing and another, it's not been a very productive week writing-wise.
Family members have been down, and yesterday afternoon, I went with a friend to see the new Spielberg version of West Side Story.
Brief review: 
It was excellent and managed to outshine the original.
I've also been to the cinema to see the new Gucci film. Lady Gaga's performance was exceptional.
Now it's time to knuckle down and write my own critically acclaimed (soon to be made into a movie) novel (I know, dream on).
Alopecia update: 
I'm lucky as my hair loss is not in-your-face obvious as it's patchy.
If you have full-on alopecia, here's a link to an article I recently read and which I think you might appreciate.

Oh, and one last thing. 
I thought my laptop had died and gone to techno heaven.
It would not turn on.
The only sign of life was a small blue light that flashed intermittently on the ON switch.
Yes, it was plugged in and fully powered up.
I googled the issue on my iPhone and similar problems had been recorded.
It was probably the motherboard. That was listed as the most likely cause.
One sharer had said that they had opened the back of the laptop and unplugged then re-plugged the battery. This hadn't worked.
However, it was something that I'd not thought of doing... and so promptly did.
Well, low and behold! It's up and running again. So, remember that possible hack if the same should happen to you.

December 4th

If you are the kind of person that believes in omens, bad ones, then the first few minutes of my day might have freaked you out.
First, I get out of bed and notice something on the carpet.
At close inspection, it's a dying Red Amiral (that's a species of butterfly, should you not be familiar).
So, I'm thinking... one, it's December, two, I live in a town and do not have a garden, three, how the hell did it end up in my bedroom?
Outside it's cold with intermittent icy showers.
I'm not sure what to do with the Red Admiral, so I carefully cup it in my hands and realise it into the wild via the bathroom window. That may not have been the best course of action. It might have been kinder to simply place it on my bedside table and let it die in peace.
I moved it from the floor as I didn't want one of the cats toying with it.
Then, I lay back down in bed for a while to take stock and consider the day ahead.
Outside the window, there's a magpie, yes, just the one, and it's cackling away like a deranged old witch.
I see magpies most days as I walk to my mum's house, but I've never seen one outside my bedroom window or in its surrounding territory. There's gulls, lots of noisy gulls and the occasional jackdaw.
I've been told that magpies like to steal the eggs of gulls. I'm not sure how they manage that, but nesting time has long gone.
Anyway, I'm not a superstitious person by nature, but it was unnerving, an odd start to the day.
If something terrible happens (to someone I know intimately, or me!) in the next twenty-four hours, I might well become a believer in bad omens... so, fingers crossed!
Other updates:
The Fibromyalgia didn't react well to the flue vax, but now I'm fine.
I think it's thickening somewhat,
Son's new cornea?
All good for now.
Christmas tree?

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